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Champion Windows

Champion Replacement Windows keep your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer and quieter year-round. Blocks the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays that can fade furniture, drapes and carpet. Champion replacement windows are ENERGY STAR® rated in all 50 states and feature our exclusive Comfort 365® glass.

Champion Replacement Window Types

Champion Windows Champion Replacement Windows
All Champion Windows include our exclusive Comfort 365® glass. Double Hung Replacement Windows are desirable because you can open both sashes for ventilation and they tilt-in for easy cleaning. Our Casement replacement windows open enough to reach both sides, making them easy to clean from inside your home. Shaped windows are a common architectural highlight in today's homes. These windows can also be a big culprit in energy loss and seal failure.

Champion is the fourth window manufacturing company to achieve Green Seal certification.

Champion Windows Features

  • Blocks 95% of harmful UV rays - reduces fading of carpets, drapes and furniture
  • Double-hung tilt-in sashes for ease of cleaning from the inside of your home
  • Makes a window ENERGY STAR compliant so your heating and cooling bills are remarkably lower
  • Heavy-duty pile weather stripping makes for a better insulated window
  • Stainless steel constant-force balance allows for dependable and easy sash operation
  • 12-point fusion welded sash and frame. Fusion welding makes a stronger, squarer window that will not warp or twist over time
  • 100% virgin vinyl construction makes a more durable frame that won't yellow or turn brittle
  • Ventilation latches (safety feature that allows window to only open a few inches)
  • Welded sash and frames for strength and durability
  • Lifetime warranty on materials and installation